10 Organizational Tips You Need To Know

by Duchess
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We all can’t lie, our lives aren’t as perfect as we think. Well, luckily you have come to the perfect blog.

1. Get rid of useless things: Most of us have a pile of junk we never use but, have you noticed that is what makes our daily lives even more stressful to handle. Find a day to really go through what you have. I suggest you put it into three different piles; keep, discard and give out.

2. Save up!: Especially when you have gotten rid of useless items, you can sell the items that still look sturdy and reusable for a reasonable price to friends that want it, this includes clothes and old jewelry.

3. Do not overspend: Just imagine you see a fab new outfit you got to buy or a new iPhone just came out. You got to resist the temptation. Some of the things you bought might be amazing now, but later on, you will realize it meaningless junk.

4. Invest in quality, useful things: You might look round your house and see your old clock isn’t working or you see your paint is fading. That is the right time to actually spend money. Check online for items and the reviews on those particular items, and you might just be surprised when you see a pretty cupboard that is a total rip off and very low quality.

5. Check your basement or attic for useful items: Maybe you moved and put some of your things away. Of course, there will be some items that are useless. But also a possibility there are items which you wanted, but forgot about. For example, you want blue gold-encrusted teacups for your dining table but you don’t think you’ve ever had them. So you checked online and saw those same teacups and want to buy them for twice the price, but you had a power outage and had to go down your basement to fix them and saw those same teacups you wanted.

6. Maintain your organized stylishness: You cannot be stylish without organization. No matter how many times you upgrade your home nobody will ever see the beauty unless it is organized. Try to tidy up, do laundry and other important things on Saturday before the tiring weekday begins.


I know it is enough to look organized, but deep down you know that you don’t feel organized so here are the best tips and tricks to help you feel organized all through the day.

7. Keep a planner with you: Although sometimes it may be tiring, it is very important to keep a planner with you. If you think planners are boring try bullet journaling instead. Just find the type of planner that suits you.

8. Organize your mornings: Some of us find ourselves running late for work or school simply because you woke up late. But, an easy way to stop that is having an agenda of what your mornings should be like. Instead of writing it in your planner, try pasting it on the wall. Another way to help is to pre-plan all the items supposed to be used the next morning.

9. Be confident and positive about your next day: Try not to dread school or work so much, the more your confidence and positivity the better your day!

10. Spend and invest in quality clothes: Mother says best! when they tell you not to wear skimpy low-quality clothes, they say the truth. Trust me, after a month or two those clothes, will begin to tear and to fade and you will figure out it was a waste of money.

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