A Day With Duchess!

by Duchess

Most of the time (like today) during the holidays I like to spend the day in. I woke up at 8.45 in the morning, brushed my teeth and started to check my phone.

After wasting about 20mins checking my emails and taking morning selfies. I finally decided to take a shower.

Right after that I wore some shorts and a comfy long gown and tried to do some morning stretches. ( I have been trying to fit in healthy stuff into my morning routine which I have been totally failing at!)

Turns out my body was way too tired and lazy to even make my hands touch my toes! There I was sweating and panting heavily when I haven’t even done anything! That is when I decided to eat breakfast. There’s nothing better than toast and hot chocolate in the morning!

And to end my morning I decided to watch some TV.

At around 12.10 I started to do some school work. I decided 3 weeks ago that during the holidays I will start a study schedule for math, English, science, and French. And so far I have been doing well. By 1.30 I was done with all my work.

PS. Let me know in the comments if you want me to do a post on how to make a study schedule.

After lounging on the couch trying to watch some TV (didn’t work BTW 🙁!) I went on to join my little brother, Duke, to play a few video games.

I was seriously angry at my friends for not being online. There I was, watching a video game I didn’t understand and suffering from a very bad case of FIB ( fatally intense boredom😟)


I got a text! I finally got a text! I opened my phone. It was only an email from Goodreads.

After a few more, miserable, lonely minutes, I decided to take some lunch. My lunch was a very delicious national meal of Beans and Garri. After eating I was excited because I had put a reminder on my current favorite show ‘Fast lane’.

Only for me to find out that my sister canceled the reminder. Thanks a lot! This day is turning out worse than I thought it would be.

Right now I am trying to join my sister in her gymnastics stretches and its really, really painful!😧

After like an hour later my friends decided to text me. But I am way too upset to talk to them. So I decided to Google different Nickelodeon stars to pass the time away.

So far I have googled Maya le Clark, Kira kosarin and Daniella Perkins. After that, I did some bullet journalling which took me about 3 hours more.

I looked at the window and realized that it was night. After having a bath, I think I could call it a day.

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