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Today I feel like doing another anti-bullying post.

I was so happy when my school started to teach us about bullying. It felt as if they were stopping all the bullies in my school already.

Youth suicide rates are rising ¹( Lara Corte) although there are many other causes of suicide. We can say that bullying is one of them.

How would you feel if one of your friends died because of you?

Bullying can cause many other problems in a child’s life. Victims are at higher risk of mental health problems like anxiety disorder, depression, suicidal thoughts, panic disorders and other struggles in childhood ²(Pappas Stephanie)

Today I am going to take a stand against bullying and I hope you will too.

You can’t just prevent bullying by not being a bully.

You should stop laughing when someone makes fun of another person.

Why can’t you stand up for that person?

If you stop a bully you could save a life. Millions of children are suffering from different problems because of bullies.

Most of the time I feel that the reason bullies, bully other people is because they have problems of their own. Research has shown that bullies are likely most prone to substance abuse or anti-social personality disorder.

People with this disorder have little empathy and no scruples about manipulating others for their own gain. This disorder is linked with a greater risk of becoming a criminal. ²(Pappas Stephanie)

The point is Kids don’t usually outgrow the pain of bullying and it can lead to long term effects at the end.

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