Day 3 of the Christmas travel series

by Duchess

I woke up very late this morning later than usual. I woke up to see my sister all dressed up. When I asked her why, she said we were going to Ashaka. And we may spend the night there.

I was excited about going but not about staying there. Ashaka is this nearby village next to ours that has a lot of festivals.

The main reason why all of us were so excited about this trip was because of the masquerades. We were going for the festival they called, ‘Mmonwu’.

By the time I got dressed and ready, it was about 11:30am. By the time we finally got into the car, it was about 12pm.

The drive was long and boring. A lot of my cousins were nauseated all through the drive because it has a lot of speed bumps. By speed bumps, I mean the amount of speed bumps no road should ever have.

Our first stop was our grandma’s sister’s house. She was very nice and welcoming. She even served us Rice, Chicken and other kind’s food.

In front of the house, my cousins were blowing out their knock outs. There was this type, that they called ‘firewood’, it is one of the most dangerous types ever. If you decide to stay close to it blowing out, it would be like you saying, you wanted to end your life today.

 I used that opportunity to go out and search for masquerades. The sun was very hot today, but I still decided to go. I and my cousins walked and walked for what seemed like hours, but we couldn’t see any masquerades. So, we went back to the house.

After that, my aunt stood up and told us, we were going to the church. We always go to the church on any trip to Ashaka. I don’t know why, but I always thought that it was to protect us from the masquerades. A lot of people say that a masquerade can never step foot in a church. I still don’t know how true that rumor is though, but no masquerade has ever come close to the church, so I am pretty satisfied. By the time we got there, we met a nice priest and a skinny dog called Rock. It also had 8 other cute puppies. The puppies were so tiny and looked so tender. When my mom asked the priest what they were feeding the puppies, he said ‘The mother’s milk’.

Rock had run away to the back of the church to rest. I really felt sorry for Rock and her puppies, because it was quite obvious that they weren’t being fed well.

Again, by the church I and one of my cousins went out to search for masquerades. But again, none turned up.

So we all went to a bar across the road from the church, to dance and eat. There, my aunt and mum told us that they were having a cult fight. I think that is when you kill your opponent cult for no reason at all.

We all decided to give up and call it a day. On our way home, we saw up to ten big masquerades dancing on the road. As most of us took pictures, one of my other cousins warned us about masquerades not liking pictures. No-one listened.

How was your boxing day? Did you enjoy it?

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