Happy New Month!

by Duchess
A Girl Sitting With a Book On Her Lap

This week I am just going to post a prayer. Not a prayer for myself of course! but for all the people reading this. I know not all of you are Christians, but if you think about it we all need help from time to time. And this time you will not gain help from any person in the world, but, this time you will gain help from God.

My prayer for you is,
This month is a month of celebrations for you. You will celebrate more than you ever have, in your academics, work, investments, etc. You will receive favor, love, and knowledge beyond your will, and, you will gain the Midas touch in anything you do.

If you have wronged others, mercy will enter into their hearts and it will all end happily.

Your enemies will see you rejoicing and rejoice with you. Last but not least, people will be able to admire you for your good luck and attributes.

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