I Wrote An External Exam For The First Time

by Duchess
A Picture of Someone Writing An Exam

This is about the external exam I wrote not long ago.

I reached the exam center. The school yellow in color with a green colored roof. The wall was covered in what looked like soup 🤢.

“After what you put me through this morning, the least you can do is come out with a good result,” My mom told me angrily.

My morning had already been such a mess. I couldn’t find the shirt the teacher told me to wear, I was late plus, I was hungry and thirsty. As I came out the teacher had already started to shout at me.

”Where is the shirt I told you to wear?” He screamed ”You are late! the exam has already started”

As if I hadn’t known before.

I quickly grabbed my pencil case and ran into the building. As I entered, the examiner looked at me sternly through her black glasses. I remember she was wearing a black turtle neck shirt and red skirt.

“You are late!” She screamed,” Your classmates have been here since 7!”

I sat down. She shared the papers. Halfway through the paper, the examiner stood up and started to call random letters.

At first, I was confused, I didn’t know what the heck she was doing! That is when I realized…… She was calling the answers! I looked at the person beside me, the expression on her face told me she was just as shocked as me.

I looked at the people around me, they were actually writing the answers! I quickly jumped to the last question, I didn’t want to be part of what they were doing it was a crime for goodness sake!

Not long after, another examiner comes in. She had long braids, A flower-patterned dress accessorized with black stilettos. ‘Maybe she will talk some sense into these people’ I thought.

”If your partner doesn’t understand a question and they ask you for the answer, don’t be selfish and tell the person the answer, okay?” she said eagerly. So much for talking some sense into them.😒

It pretty much continued like that all through the exam. The examiner was calling answers, passing answer sheets and correcting other student’s answers. It was all a shock for me, but as I watched I began to realize something….

A ton of this children are used to this. Instead of studying they wait for answers to the questions. In whatever school they go to, they are taught ” If you don’t know the answer, they will tell you the answer there”

But the truth is, Nobody is ever going to have the time to be cheating with them, because, they have their own scores to worry about. The teachers and owners of the school may be happy because they have rated their school as the best in the country.

But the truth is, they are making the children harder to understand reality. When those children are older and ready to set out on the world on their own, they would not have learnt the true meaning of Independence, Responsibility, Honesty, etc.

Those children will have to learn all that the hard way and struggle with living their lives.

And if you EVER find yourself in a situation like the one I faced that day, Don’t hesitate in telling a teacher or parent.’Cause not only is it a bad thing, it is a CRIME!!

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