My current obsessions/ things I have learned / life update

by Duchess

I have been OBSESSED Roblox lately. To be honest, I have had Roblox on my device for a long while now (I think it should be more than a year right now) I have always made fun of Roblox, because everybody that I knew that played it would be “addicted” and I just didn’t understand why. I even tried to play, but I just didn’t like the game the way they liked it. Plus, during that time, the reigning game was Adopt me. I tried it, and I didn’t like Adopt me at ALL. The only game I liked at the time was Obby, then I got frustrated at Obby because I kept failing. Moving on, during this January-march time, I got bored to the point where I was like ‘’you know what? Let’s try this game and see what the hype is all about’’ Then I tried out a few games then before you know it, I was addicted. The main games that got me really into Roblox were the tycoons. Anyways, If you guys want to play with me on Roblox you can friend me @PRECIOUSJXWELS

Another one of my latest obsessions has been bullet journaling. To give you guys a little background story, I tried bullet journaling about two years ago. At the time I didn’t have enough materials and I mainly tried it out because I watched some YouTube videos, and I was like “oh! This is so cool! I can get my life together and stuff”. So, I tried it and gave up because I at the time I thought it was a lot of work to keep creating a monthly spread each month. So around 2020 September, I stumbled upon this channel on YouTube, AmandaRachLee. I watched her videos and I re-fell in love with the whole idea of bullet journaling, especially the scrapbooking side of it. I kept warming myself up to the idea of it, so it wasn’t an irrational decision. So last year December we took a trip to Maryland and I told my mom I wanted to start bullet journaling and she agreed to buy most of the stuff I needed. And now ever since January I have been bullet journaling and I LOVE it.

This isn’t really like a physical item, more like something I just started doing. I really have been enjoying keeping to myself. I don’t know why, but I have just been preferring being by myself and making myself happy. It just happened out of nowhere. Another thing I have learned is separating myself from people when I know that the friendship is becoming toxic for me to be with a person. I have really struggled with this because I tend to people-please a lot and try to keep friendships even when I know they are falling apart doing this has really helped me become a happier person lately.

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