My Experience With Bullying

by Duchess
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“I never hurt them or insult them so why do they seem to hate me?”

This was one of the many questions I asked myself when I was being verbally bullied by a certain classmate. She never physically fought with me but she was mean and it seemed to me that the insults were just beneath the surface…

I never knew why she hated me but every chance she got to frame me and get me into trouble or make fun of me, she took it. There was a time she poured glitters on the floor and blamed it on me, (even though she was covered in glitters and I was not!) and the teachers believed her and asked me to sweep it.

All my classmates believed her lies and pretence… all except my best friends Ella and Mimi. She always tried to make me feel miserable or insecure at school…..and it was working. I didn’t want to be intimidated by her… but I was. I tried to ignore her but she kept doing the same things.

Sometimes I wept, not because she hated me, but because she wouldn’t let me be. My mom hated it when I cried. Every time I did, she would threaten to tell the head teacher……but every time I stopped her. I knew it would only make matters worse. Everyone would know me as a snitch and bully me even more.

Then one day, this school bully went too far; she threw my bag on the floor and kicked it with the things inside. I was outraged! “Was she mad?” I wondered. How could someone be mean enough to do that? If she didn’t value her things, that didn’t mean other people did the same. I began to yell at her… I was so angry!

She knew she had crossed the line and people were starting to see her true colours, so after that day, she left me alone for a bit. I felt good afterwards, all those emotions I had bottled up were finally released. For once I felt strong enough to ignore her without feeling the burn of her barely veiled insults.

She still tries to make fun of me, but I have a new confidence now… and some friends to back me up. Every time I think about how miserable I was then, I also think about what it made me realise; it made me stronger, it made me feel more confident about myself. And you know what?…now I feel sorry for her; the only reason she bullies me is that she has no confidence in herself and bullying me probably helps her feel on top of the world.

If you think about it, my school does have a rule about bullying, but to the school authorities, bullying is when you fight someone who didn’t do anything to you and most people don’t see verbal abuse as bullying.
Schools don’t talk about verbal bullying because to them, it is either seen as “a joke” or its ‘being honest’.

But verbal bullying is just as bad as or even worse than physical bullying and everyone should know that. In fact, most anorexia cases are caused by someone continuously telling them ”you’re fat”.

Schools should talk about it more and parents should tell their children. Children should know that bullying is bad most especially verbal bullying.

My definition of bullying is when you hurt someone, physically or emotionally, on purpose.

So please the next time you want to say something offending to another person why don’t you ask yourself “do I really need to say this” or ”would I like it if someone said that to me?”

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